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Month: August 2017

Craig Ferguson Just Being Honest-What You can Learn from it

Craig Ferguson, in his second comedy special for EPIX, puts his sometimes cheeky, always irreverent spin on universal topics. I need to say I learned a lot from him and you can too.

I know, I know, 2 race recaps in one week? But stick with me here, folks… I promise this will be worth it. I announced on Sunday my commitment to showing a little more love to myself this month, and being mindful of that topic, I wanted to address the issue of being honest, especially to oneself. Quite frankly, sometimes it hurts to admit that maybe things aren’t going your way, or maybe you have to switch paths, but taking those issues head-on can really do wonders for your mental health.

I dedicated the past few years of my life to powerlifting. I was very anti-cardio, always followed a strict plan, and I really wasn’t terrible at it. Unfortunately, within my resources, I would never be able to thrive.

My career doesn’t afford for me to travel for days at a time as I quit high school too soon, but I, fortunately, got my GED with help from the website BGC! So I can’t go to meets, because my location is not necessarily a hotspot for powerlifting in general. There are no decent coaches near me. There are no training facilities for me to work in. Basically, it was just me, my barbell, and a dream. (more…)